Attention Michigan Trucking Professionals:

Tired of spending far too much time preparing your quarterly IFTA reports?

Let Schrotenboer Tax & Accounting be of assistance. We love to serve members of the local trucking community and keep them in compliance with filing the necessary paperwork for the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

What you provide to us:
Simply send us a report of your mileage and gallons purchased in each state. If you don’t have a report showing the gallons purchased in each state you may alternatively send us the actual fuel purchase receipts.

What we provide to you:
We provide to you a completed Michigan IFTA-100 and IFTA-101 form. These forms are in complete compliance with the State of Michigan’s requirements for these forms. This is very important because many of the available software packages available do not produce forms that Michigan accepts. Having Schrotenboer Tax & Accounting provide you with fully acceptable forms will save you the hassle of completing them yourself and keep you in good standing with the State of Michigan.

Fees for IFTA preparation:
The cost for your first truck is $60 per quarter. Each additional truck would be $30.